St. Charles Lwanga Church (Muyeye Parish)

Erected on: June 3, 2018

Population 2022: 805 Registered Catholics

Outstations: St. Francis of Assisi (Msoloni); St. Bhakita (Mayungu)

Small Christian Communities – 14 SCC (Jumuiya): Mary Mother Of God; St. Jude; St. Veronica; St. John the Baptist; St. Luke: St. Michael; St. Gabriel; St. Charles Lwanga; St. Padre Pio; St. Bhakanja; St. Paul; St. Anna; St. Bhakhita

Established Sodalities: Catholic Women Association; Catholic Men Association; Justice and Peace Department; Magis Group; Youth Group; Wanamaria Group; Marriage Encounter; Charles Lwanga Choir

Our Motto: For the Greater Glory of God


Parish Staff

Fr. Sosthenes Luyembe, SJ (Parish Priest)

Fr. Damas L. Missanga, SJ (Assistant Parish Priest)

Fr. Deshi Ramadhani, SJ (Assistant Parish Priest)

Ms. Judith A. Oganga (Secretary and Accountant)


Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Office Hours

Tuesday – Saturday: 9.00am – 5,00pm (Lunch break at 1.00pm-3.00pm)

Office is closed on Monday


Time for Masses

  1. Daily Masses – 6.30 am (In the evening: Masses in SCC)
  2. Sunday Masses – First Mass- 6.30 am; Second Mass/Youth – 8.30 am; Third Mass – 10.00 am. (On Feast Days masses can change – First one at 6.30 am; Second one at 9.00 am)

St. Charles Lwanga Parish is located on the Southern outskirts of Malindi Township, off-Casuarina road. Previously it was an outstation for St. Francis Xavier Parish, Kisumu Ndogo! Muyeye area is a new developing residential area. The parish makes part of Cathedral Deanery. The parish is under the spiritual and pastoral care of the Jesuit Fathers of Eastern Africa Province.

We are a young, vibrant parish! The community is multi-cultural and ethnic, striving to embrace each other as children of God! We welcome all to come and praise God together!